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is it OK for my XFX ATI HD4850 works in 82 degree Celsius or it is too hot???
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  1. 82'C idle or full load?

    If it full load then it's still normal, get worry when it pass 90'C... :)
    What is current fan speed? you can manually adjust it on CCC a little bit higher to make your card cooler...
  2. Right^
    If it went over 95c under load,then there maybe a problem with it, 82c is quite normal under load
  3. it happened when i play GRID with ultra graphic setting...but there are some lacks during i played this game with that setting....is that related with the temperature or this 4850 is not support with such ultra setting?
  4. What resolution are you playing at ? what are your other system specs ?
  5. 1366x768
  6. amd phenomIIx6,gigabyte 870 ud3, 2gb kingston 1333mhz,xfx ati 4850,WD500gb,
  7. A 4850 should handle Grid on ultra settings,try disabling V-sync or lowering AA a bit and see if it helps or not, also how's the performance in other games ?
  8. it is not a frequently problems...sometimes its occur n sometimes it is ok..until now, i have no problems with the other game...
  9. Try the solutions i gave you, and see if it helps
  10. I only just noticed I could almost boil a jug on some graphics cards... not recommended I imagine....
  11. l have recognize the problem why grid can't run smoothly....the solution is the ati catalyst center..when i increase the performance of the 3d view...i can play this game smoothly..but how to maintain the setting of this catalyst center because it will restore to default setting after i shutdown my pc..
  12. I think you can do it by another program called "Radeon pro"
    It lets you choose and save settings for a specific game
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