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I have the following specs at the moment and would like to know which cooler would give the best cooling peformance:

My current config:

Intel Celeron (R) E3300 2.5 Ghz CPU
Nvdia 9400 GT 1GB GDDR2
Windows 7 Ultimate

Current Cooler:Arctic Freezer 7

My machine is mostly not for games, but can handle some games, mainly used for video and sound editing as well as recording.

The current coolers which I have in Mind are to upgrade to

Gigabyte XPower
Coolermaster TX3
Coolermaster Hyper 101
Coolermaster Hyper 212
Coolermaster V6

I cannot decide as I don't want a complex installation of the product whichwill damage my CPU and board and will be easy to install as well as easy for excellent performance when recording and editing videos.

Please help. I need to upgrade as soon as possible to get most cooling out of my system.
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  1. Hi

    I don't play games.It is mainly for music editing etc. I won't overclock anything. Upgrading the RAM, I am fine on 1GB at the moment. I have more heat in my PC. It looks like No one understands. My GPU is mainly used for Driving Graphics for DVD's that I watch.

    I want to cool my PC to the right temp and then I will think of inserting another 2GB Stick into my PC.

    I had another 1GB in dual channel which I accidently damaged as I had to use it in another PC to test it.
  2. Your current cpu cooler is more than you needed for a stock Celeron. I wouldnt spend any more on a cpu cooler.
    What temps is your system running?
    CPU/GPU/chipset/Hard drive
    Use CPUID or speed fan to determine temps. you can download for free on the internet. www.download.com
    If your cpu is hot now it could be that the cooler was installed wrong. That cooler should be more than you need. If the rest of your system is gettng hot could be case, lack if case fans, dust etc.
    Post back your temps
  3. Snet Malmental is right you need more ram, I tried W7U on 1gig and it was pretty lame.
    I did find that 2x1gig was a lot better though, that would be your cheapest upgrade.

    G etc etc is also right, your cooler is fine for your setup, if you are heating up you need to look at your case airflow and restricions. Try running your system with the side off and check back with the temps.

    Again, re-apply your thermal paste, this often reduces temps on its own when done properly.

    Forget the cooler, spend the money on ram, re-apply paste and sort case cooling. IMO.
  4. I am planning to sort out the case cooling. I have a budget already in place. I will do everthing at once. Replace current fans with decent coolermaster one's etc.
  5. Check out the Enermax and Scythe Slipstream fans, very quiet.
  6. ok I will I prefer coolermaster as I had an older P4 with a coolermaster fan before I got this one. as for ram is concerned, I managed to tweak windows 7 to use only 512 MB. Once I get enough dough together I will get a 2 GB Stick
  7. http://www.enermax.co.uk/fans.html?L=2

    Or even get 1 stick of 1gig to go with your other one and run it dual channel.
  8. It is not, besides, It is extermly fast. There is not many applications installed, just Adobe Audition , Realplayer and MS Office . Windows 7 can run like vista on 1GB and tweaked. I never installed windows 7 on an older P4, the older P4 heatsink was just an example.

    478's don't like windows 7 or vista. XP is fast on 1GB of RAM on LGA775 CPU's , Windows 7 is OK as long as its tweaked. My windows 7 config is just right until the upgrade
  9. You see I have 1GB installed, My system uses 512mb of the 1GB for resources and services. the other 512MB it uses for programs. It looks like none of you understand me at all. I have been in the industry for 5 years already so I know what is slow and fast. thankyou for you help anyway.
  10. Take the Red pill.. :lol:
  11. I have a budget inplace for doing the RAM and CPU cooler at the same time, here in SA it gets very very very hot. So you must know why the cooler is NB right now.
  12. Snet, everyone is just trying to help you man. You asked for the help, then didn't like the answers from 3 different people, wo all agree your CPU cooler isnt the issue.
    I have never seen RAM so cheap and for the price of a decent cooler you can buy 2GB of top end ddr2.
    If you insist that you need a cpu cooler, OK get the hyper 212, the cost is low and the performance is good. You may have to change out the CPU back plate though, not sure on that socket.
    Good luck
  13. thanks for your answer. I am planning to do all that. I will get 2GB DDR2 with my Hyper 212 cooler, It gets very hot here. Socket I see it is OK
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