Poor performance with a router

Hi everybody,

I'm a complete newbie to networking, and I'm facing a problem.
Until last week I had a small LAN, in fact the smallest you
can think of: a laptop connected to a desktop computer through
a crossover UTP cat.5 cable. The NIC cards on both computers
are 10/100 Mb and, when transferring files using Laplink, I
usually achieved a transfer speed of 30-40 MBps.
Now I've bought a D-Link DI-704P router in order to be able
to share a printer and a DSL modem. It all works well, but
the speed transfer has fallen to 3-4 MBps.
I can't understand why this happens since everything seems
to work well. Could it be because one of the two LAN cables
that connect the two computers to the router is the same, old
crossover cable that I was using in the past? I've read on the
manual that the auto-sensing LAN ports of the D-Link router can
accept both straight-through and cross-over cables, but maybe
when using a cross-over cable there is a performance hit....
although I doubt it should be so dramatic.....

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  1. 30-40mb/s is not possible over 10/100. What ever you were using to measure the speeds must have been jacked :)
    10/100 max transfer speed is around 10-11mb/s
    You should get at least 7-8mb/s on that dlink. Try making that crossover into a straight through or replacing the cable completely. That "shouldn't" make a difference but crazy things can happen in networking :)

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  2. Sorry for not replying before, but I was out of town...
    I've checked again everything and with a little help
    I've found that the problem was the fact that I had
    configured both NIC cards as 100Mb/full duplex, and
    evidently the router did not like this...
    Once configured as "Auto-negotiation", I'm obtaining
    again 40-50 Mbps (I've made a typo in my first message,
    I've typed MBps but I meant Mbps) transfer speed,
    which is the same that I was getting when the two computers
    were connected directly through the cross-over cable.

    Thank you very much for your help

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