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I' looking at an entry under General Networking: Network General Discussions that discusses how to change an IP address. The entry begins by mentioning that the accompanying technique is useful only for changing the IP address of a computer, and not the IP address of an internet connection. I would like to know what is difference, and which one is identifiable to other websites?
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  1. Depends on whether or not you have a router. Generally, by changing the MAC address, you can force an IP address change.
  2. Generally the IP address of your network is what is visible to websites. Go to and you will see what is visible. Do cmd - ipconfig on your PC to see what your computer's IP is.

    The difference is handled by NAT - network address translation. If you google the term you'll get more info.

    Changing the IP of your internet connection can sometimes be forced by resetting the router. For a corporate lan, you probably have a fixed IP though. Some home accounts such as cable, I've seen them tied to the MAC address of your cable modem, so I wouldn't mess with forcing a MAC address change.
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