Hard drive clicks 3 times when booting?

The hard drive works fine but i noticed when i boot it clicks around 3 times. this is the hard drive
why is it doing that? is it going to brake? Thanks in advance.
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  1. If its just when it starts up then I'm not sure it is a problem, but when a hard drive is about to break you usually hear a rhythmic constant ticking
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    When you say it clicks around 3 times does the noise happen a few seconds after power on and does the pc also appear to reboot 3 times?
    - if yes and you have a cpu overclock you might try reseting to its default just to check
    - if the pc boots fine (and doesn't early reboot) on power-on, once it boots to the desktop try copying various files around and listening to the HDD as it does this - same clicking noise? If yes, it may be normal platter, etc noise.

    For peace of mind you might want to head on over to Seagate for drive diagnostic utilities (usually free) and also run 'Error-checking' via right mouse clicking your drive/Properties/Tools.
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