I installed 6gb of ram but only 5gb is showing

i installed 6gb of ram but only 5gb is showing
my motherboard can support to 8 gb
im on window 7 x64
i tried to refit the memory over and over, checking if not clicked in but anything is clicked in
i put 4 stick of ram in 4 slot going by 2gb, 1gb 2gb, 1gb... paired are colorcoded slot
can the slot be broken? cause i know the memory arent
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  1. If you are in the Bios is there an option to see each RAM card installed. Maybe you can see there if a card is not showing or else put one card in at a time in making turns with the slots and start the system after every change. This way you check each card and slot individually. It is the best way to check if there is a faulty slot or card.
  2. Did you try the famous msconfig>boot>advanced options>untick maximum memory fix?
  3. dk_dude said:
    i installed 6gb of ram but only 5gb is showing

    Only 5gb is showing where? In BIOS or within Windows? What is the rest of the hardware? Is there an onboard video system for example taking a chunk of your memory?
  4. the 5gb showing on both the bios and the windows, computer properties
    i dont think there any onboard video system
    im running window 7 64x
    motherboard is asus p5k
    geforce 8600 gts
    duo 2 core 2.66ghz
  5. yea i tried the msconfig/boot/davanced option/untick max memory fit but still a no go :(
  6. Rotate ram to different slot until you find a dead slot.
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