Nvidia or inverter is the problem ?

Hello, i have a medion md96691 with geforce 8600m gs (on board) , today my screen show a line in the center but with DVI in external screen its good !!! what is the problen? the inverter or Nvidia ? thanks
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  1. I suspect your display is defective. You can find replacement LCDs on-line to replace yourself, or you can locate a notebook repair shop to do for you. Good luck!
  2. LCD screens don't fail unless there is an issue with power. When the do fail it is normally starting with dead pixels or regions of the screen going bad but with warning of slow decay that is noticeable to the user. You need to check and see if you have any warranty of the laptop and if not it isn't going to be cheap to repair. You can try to do it your self but being that you are hear I am doubtful that you have the skill to make the repair. Plus laptops are a pain in the ass when it comes to tech support. The gpu is fine if your image on an desktop monitor or tv is fine.

    Remember laptops are a lot more difficult to fix than desktops and even TVs. I have done a little repair work on such things. Flat panels are easy while crt can be hazardous.
  3. thanks ,, i will change the inverter and i will see ,, thank u
  4. Do you mean you are changing the external power supply? That is not likely to fix the problem. Does the problem exist when operating off of battery power?

    Best wishes!
  5. He means the inverter, it goes from the Graphics Card to the LCD and inverts the signal.
  6. sabot00 said:
    He means the inverter, it goes from the Graphics Card to the LCD and inverts the signal.

    Understood. It will be interesting to see if that is indeed the problem. If the inverter was a problem, wouldn't it affect the ext display as well?
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