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I recently bought a new computer with these specs:

AMD Phenom xII 1055t x6 2.8ghz
1.0TB Hard Drive
Nvidia 9800GTX 512mb DDR3
8GB Corsair XMS3 1600MHZ (4 modules)
400w Power Supply
DVD/RW Drive

I was getting blue screens and thought it was the power supply and have upgraded it to 600w so that is no longer the issue. Here are the 2 minidump files attached on the blue screens i am recieving if they help.

I get the errors at any points when my computer is on. Sometime they happen very fast and sometimes it manages to stay on a few hours at a time. Im not sure what the next step to fixing it should be. Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. Also done checkdisk on the computer, done memtest on 2 ram modules at a time and both came up with no errors at all. Done a full windows install 3 times and installed all graphics, motherboard drivers etc.

    If i cant get it working in the end ill ring up the shop and get them to collect it and fix it.
  2. Motherboard is asus m4a78lt-m also. Maybe I need to configure some bios?
  3. I completely agree with the last post. BSOD's are most often caused by RAM issues. Running four sticks of RAM often requires upping the RAM voltage for stability. How long did you run Memtest86+? You should do an overnight test after manually setting the RAM speed, timings, and voltage to their rated values. If you run four sticks of RAM then that's the configuration you need to use when performing a Memtest86+ test.
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