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Hi guys, ever since I clear CMOSed my BIOS. I have been noticing an issue. Sometimes, my BIOS willl not reconize my SSD (however, all I have to do it open the case and cloas it for it to reconize it). Other times, it will say "disk read error". Other time I will get a BSOD in windows that says "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA." However, one or more of these errors happens one a day and the computer is fine for the rest of the day. Help! I heard I might have to remove the CMOS battery and put it back in or should I reinstall the BIOS or should I reinstall windows?
Oh yeah sorry about put "SDD" I meant "SSD"
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  1. sounds like a loose connection somewhere - if all u do is open the case and it works...

    make sure your BIOS is the latest too
  2. It's either dingo's theory or a short somewhere, which is very, very bad. You used motherboard spacers when assembling the rig, right?

    Also, if you haven't tried clearing the CMOS, do so. Just keep in mind that it'll reset it, so you'll have to make any changes or overclocks as again. (*which you should do in the BIOS anyways. You probably know not to ever use software or "easy overclock" buttons, but I'll remind you anyways.)
  3. You can check your SATA cable first. Try changing it. I had that same issue before.. Might help
  4. I don't think that it's a short or a cable issue. The BIOS seems to recognize the disk now but sometimes it still says 'disk read error" with a code of 0x000000000050 (not sure if i have the right amount of 0s) It says something about error Page error in nonpaged area. Any ideas?
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