Recovering Asus G73Jh Laptop to factory

a friend of mine has an Asus G73Jh laptop - Link:

it keeps freezing up for some reason while playing games and i couldn't figure out what was wrong, tried updating drivers etc but it didn't work so going to do just do a system recovery to make it easier.

on the recovery screen & manual it asks:

1. Recover windows to first partition only
2. Recover windows to entire HD
3. Recover windows to entire HD with two partitions

PC Manual on Page 18-19:

I have no clue as to which one to select, if anyone could help and tell me which one i need to choose to get the PC back to factory condition then thanks in advance.
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  1. If he has multiple partitions on the HDD which I doubt select the one with Windows on it, usually the first one, but you probably should just recover to the whole HDD because most likely he is not going to have multiple partitions if he is not an advanced computer user, but I think the problem could be overheating which recovery would do nothing, so to be safe check the temps using SpeedFan if they are fine recover away
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