Deleted Bookmgr

I had problems with my computer before. I saved everything to my external hard drive, and then re-installed windows vista on my labtop.

So to get the stuff of the external hard drive I deleted everything off my hard drive. Copy and pasted everything from the external hard drive.

Problem: The bootmgr I copied on my hard drive from the external hard drive...was the bootmgr I used for unbuntu iso (there is a reason why I was using a ubuntu iso before loooooong story )

Now when I try to wipe out my hard drive and re-put windows vista on my computer from scratch it won't work. It won't get past the loading screen. I can't even re-set my computer!
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  1. Anyone?
  2. When I run the windows vista recovery disk I get this

    Error: 01-0134-000
    The tool could not get HDD physical information.

    I know it isn't dead though. It just has the ubuntu bootmgr file on it.
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