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So hello everyone I was wondering what everyone's take on this was. I have ~500-600 USD to spend atm and Sandy Bridge comes out in a few days tomororrow I think. Anyways I'm kinda on the fence I have 1000 dollars+ in parts already so the remaining money is for the CPU and Mobo. I'll mainly be using the upgrade for Video Encoding and Editing, with a bit of performance gaming as well as the usual word processing and stuff. So anyone think I should spring for the Sandy Bridge i7 2600K and a P67 mobo or wait and see until Llano releases or something I mean I haven't heard like anything on llano. Also does anyone know if this DRM thing for Sandybridge is just for streaming videos off of sites and I hear conflicting stories about USB 3.0 support. Please help you're advice is appreciated and thanks for the support.

Also does anyone have any pricelists for Sandy Bridge motherboards yet? I know there were some in Europe but haven't seen any for the US yet.
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  1. Hi phazer11 and welcome to Tom's forum.

    I don't have the price list yet, but even that I suggest you wait two or three weeks more and you will see better options, with better performance and with a good price.
  2. I have 3 SLi GFX cards (sadly none with HDMI for my 1080P monitor using onboard mobo graphics in my current rig for that) 1 1.5 TB HDD 2 1 TB HDD, Modular Case, two 2 inch fans, and two 3 inch fans, + one 4 inch fan, 6 GB of 1600 MHZ DDR3 Corsair memory. 2 DVD-RW Drives, Mouse, Keyboard, 32" 1080P HDTV monitor, 5.1 Surround Sound setup, USB hub, and 3 UPS on Surge Strips.
  3. Anyone else? Also I guess they haven't released yet? Compusa, Fry's, and New Egg do not show them on their site yet.
  4. Wait three days more and go to Microcenter:
  5. You were right saint19 I would have gone to microcenter if they had one in the area. 60 bucks cheaper in store would've been awesome. Ah well I'll just go up the road to compusa buy the 2600k and leave it in box for deals and wait for the Z67 boards. Anyone know when those are coming out(the Z67 combo boards that is)?
    lso anyone know if the $100 increase from the 2500k i5 to the 2600k i7 is worth it?
  6. If you want a good mobo, go with Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI or EVGA.
  7. YEah I was particularly looking at the Gigabyte, Asus and MSI offerings, but I was really wondering about the z67 combo motherboards I keep hearing about that are a combo of P67 and H67 (as my current GFX cards don't have an HDMI port and don't like displaying properly over a DVI to HDMI adapter and since H67 board have HDMI already I would like to be able to use the on-die as well as a discrete setup like P67 since I have 3 GFX cards :P)
    Also anyone know if the extra hundred bucks for a i7 2600k $329 (as opposed to $224 for a i5 2500k) is worth the money? Unless I'm wrong it just has an extra 100 megahertz clock speed and on turbo as well as 2 more mb in the L3 cache, but does it have a better GFX on die and or more threads unlocked?
  8. No, the i5-2500K can give you all that you need, the i7-2600k don't worth the extra money.
  9. Anyone have any ideas about the motherboards? I'm a bit mixed on it I need HDMI which I don't have on any of my GFX cards so I was hoping to use Sandybridge's on-die GFX for HDMI (H67 also can overclock the GFX card) but if I get an H67 motherboard then I can't overclock the processor or memory.
  10. phazer11 said:
    Anyone have any ideas about the motherboards? I'm a bit mixed on it I need HDMI which I don't have on any of my GFX cards so I was hoping to use Sandybridge's on-die GFX for HDMI (H67 also can overclock the GFX card) but if I get an H67 motherboard then I can't overclock the processor or memory.

    Correct, the H67 only gives you the option to overclock the GFX, so, I 'd go with the P67 more if you want install a dedicated GPU.
  11. Quote:
    what about DFI

    I only had tested one of those mobos (killed in 5 minutes), plus horribles stories from friends, so I prefer avoid.
  12. Any news on the combo boards that allow you to use the on-die GFX card and a discrete GFX card as well (The Z68 I think) while still allowing you to overclock?
  13. My order is this:


    1- EVGA
    2- ASUS
    3- Gigabyte
    4- MSI
    5- The others


    1- ASUS
    2- Gigabyte
    3- MSI
    4- ASRock (An ASUS company)
    5- The others

    Regarding the Z68, nothing yet.
  14. I had seen some Intel mobos had very good results, in general performs good, but not at the EVGA or ASUS level, so, I prefer Intel as CPU manufacturer, don't you think?
  15. No word?
  16. ^Sandy is already available on Newegg, Tigerdirect and Microcenter...
  17. No I meant no word on the combo boards I mentioned in my last few posts? Or maybe someone could help me with build a new one if I describe what I have now and what I'll be using it for and budget again?
  18. Hmm no the SB i5 2500K is good enough but does me no good without a motherboard XD I'm having trouble picking one.
  19. I would just go with the P67 chip-set if it had On-Die GFX since none of my GFX cards have HDMI and idk it just doesn't look right through a DVI -> HDMI adapter.
  20. Well I have a 500 to 600 dollar budget and am getting the 2500k So XD 250 is more than the processor lol but I'll look at it. The only reason I want to use the on-die is so I can useless power by using fewer of the discrete GFX and XD the on-die might be better than the three I have I have (they're three year old Nvidia cards).
  21. Are you planning to OC?
  22. Yeah a little bit but not too much as I'm unsure about (liquid coolants & electronics) I know the i5 2500k can get to 3.7 GHz on air with dynamic OC. How much more on would be safe on air idk.
  23. I've read quite a few reports of the 2500k getting to around 5 ghz on air.
    I think it is worth the investment of getting a nice mobo. I should have maybe gotten something nicer than the Asus Deluxe, but I didn't wanna wait :)
  24. Ok would someone mind helping me find the best P67 motherboard under 300 bucks? Most of the motherboards I see on NewEgg and Compusa are 16 GB instead of 32 GB. Granted I only have 6GB of RAM now but will get more eventually.
  25. Oh didn't know they limited you that much. But I'm using Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit
  26. Yeah I got it for a steal on release day like 50 bucks I wanna say. Any suggestions on motherboards?
  27. ASUS P8P67 PRO, or Gigabyte P67A-UD5
  28. I mean I'd be willing to spend up to 300 bucks for a motherboard here are some of the one's I've found. Please tell me your opinions
    Question is the Maximus One I go to the link and although the review says it's for SB the socket on the site it links to is 1366

    Edit: Actually I just read that the 2600k has 8 threads and 4 cores while the i5 2500k only has 4 threads and 4 cores. So I might be going back to the i7 again as I hear the more threads the better? I swear the i5 had 8 threads too :P
  29. Best answer
    Th i7-2600k has four (4) cores and eight (8) threads, while the i5-2500k has four (4) cores and four (4) threads. Yeah is true that more threads gives your more performance, but the rules always has an exception and in this case is the i7-2600k, that don't justify the price for the performance that delivery. The i5-2500k is the best option price performance, more if you keep in mind that is the winner against any AMD quad core or six core and many of the i7-9xx line processors.

    Regarding the mobos: P8P67 PRO>P8P67 EVO>P8P67 DELUXE>ASROck
  30. Hmm lol the stores in town have 1 i7 2600k, 0 2500k's and 1 type of motherboard lmao this 1 looks like I'll be ordering XD. It'll be a new experience XD ordering online normally the local stores get all or most of the items they have online. And I still don't know about cooling.

    I think I'm going with the P8P67 Pro lol I can't tell that the others have much more in the way of features. Lol though I have to admit the ASUS have the most features across the board imo (no pun intended) Bluetooth and UEFI sound good to me. Although that Republic of Gamers board was tempting but overpriced.
  31. The mobo don't like me a lot but it's your choice. The Titan Fenrir or something similar can do a very good work with overclock.
  32. ? What you mean they (motherboards) don't like you? bad experiences? Hmm big fan I'll have to see that in person
  33. I only had tested some Sandy mobos (not that), but if you check the support RAM 1600 is only supported using overclock, while in ASUS and Gigabyte is supported by default, that give you a good info about the mobo and supported components.

    MSI is a good manufacturer, but I prefer ASUS and Gigabyte as 1st options
  34. Oh yeah MSI is good personally I like XFX and EVGA, there used to be a guy in town that would sell them at cost (from MSI to friends) Yeah I always thought that the RAM on the SB boards was screwy as well especially the memory limit and frequency. A little off topic but not really as it's still part of an upgrade but know anything about GFX cards since it's looking like I'll need a new one. I normally look at Nvidia cards first I like this one atm ( then ATi . But I've haven't heard of a video card that outputs audio in a while course I haven't looked and it's an ATI( well I think it does anyways
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