Air cooler ad ram clearance

I am running

p55a us3p gigabyte 1156
i5 2.8 oc to 3.6
at the moment kingston 1333 mhz ram ddr3
6950 saphire 1gb
23 inch lg led and 42 inch lg lcd both 1080i
hytec aito gamer 850w psu
and a thermaltake frio oc starcraft editon air cooler
the hotest my cores have ever got with the frio is 46 degrees and my graphics card hits 50 at times when playing shogun 2 on full grahics but

I want to use better ram and my frio obviosly blocks my first slot but I have a little clearance because I have ram in all 4 slots but if I buy 2 4 gb vengence or dominator ram can I run them in 3 and 4 or do i need to use 2 and 4 If I can fit I will have 2 and 4 but it is cloase if the ram is to wide for 2 and 4

from what i can se emy computer gets smashed with shogun 2 and stays cooler than everyone i know and we did clock mine to 4 and it only hit 68 degrees so I must be doing something right but I want vengence or dominator ram and does anyone know if hytec is a good gamer psu seems great but i always wonder if I bought the antec high current gamer if I could improve anything or if it would just be a more expensive power supply to brag about but i wouldnt really get more power out of my machine
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  1. Sorry, but I'm not quite understanding your situation, here's a few questions first to clarify things.

    I'm also assuming your motherboard is the P55A UD3P.

    Do you have RAM in all four slots, or is one being blocked, and can thus only use three slots?

    Which slot(s) is/are being blocked by the cooler?

    Also, why do you need a RAM upgrade?
  2. well I overclocked my system to 3.6 and my ramm is 1333mhz kingston basic and is sitting at 1368mhz with my overclocking so I was told that vengence ram is awsome if u overclock and performs better for the 3d games i play also i was also told that 1600 mhz would be a better choice than my 1333mhz.

    I have all 4 slots used but it took like 10 mins to get the ram into slot one

    slot one is completely covered and slot two is about 2 to 3mms from the cooler but slot 3 and 4 are free and clear thats why if I can just use 3 and 4 I thought batter ram would maybe help really my comp runs great i just was thinking of squeezing it a bit harder I will be upgradeing mid next year but I want to keep my vid card psu if it will go good and blue ray burner and frio i love my frio
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