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I replaced my Dell D630's old HDD with a Crucial V4 SSD. I've noticed that when browsing the web and streaming videos my computer freezes up and the hard drive activity light goes on for a few seconds then unfreezes. Also, is this read/write good for an SSD or does this mean problem?
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  1. XP isn't very SSD friendly. You might want to google XP SSD tweaks to increase your SSD performance. Also, Crucial V4 is a SATA 3 SSD, your D630 most likely only has a SATA 2 port, and that might bottleneck your SSD a little bit. Normally, a SATA 3 SSD should have 400mb/s+ read or write speed.
  2. **PRINT ME**

    Not only can Windows XP have issues, but some older computers (the motherboard) can also have issues causing freezing.

    Unfortunately, it's unlikely a much older computer would have an updated BIOS to fix this if it's the problem. I suspect it's simply that you're using XP though or else you'd likely get a BSOD if the BIOS is the problem.

    Another option is to update XP to Windows 8 Pro (and use Start8 by Stardock for $5). They have a digital download deal for $40 until Jan 31st 2013.

    I strongly recommend going with Windows 8 Pro. You WILL have to reinstall all your software though so thoroughly backup.

    1. Go to the Windows 8 site and follow the links to the $40 digital download deal
    2. Download the ISO image *Note must get 32-bit if XP is 32-bit which is likely
    3. BURN THE IMAGE to a DVD and label it (not necessary but recommended)
    4. Backup any data and write down the software you use for reinstallation
    5. Boot to the DVD of Windows 8 Pro and start the installation
    6. Install any missing drivers (mainly video); check "Device Manager" for missing drivers (Google anything that shows up; I had an "unknown media device" so I installed the Ricoh device drivers for the SD card reader for VISTA 32-bit then things worked fine.
    7. Install missing programs, import data etc. (*Including START8 from Stardock)
    8. DELETE the "old Windows" folder if it exists (it DID exist when I did this)

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