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I recently got an Nvidia EVGA GT 240 for my Pentium Dual core processor and I've noticed severe performance issues. Sound won't work, video won't play, system resources consistently at 50-80%, it's pretty bad. Drivers have been swept and updated to latest. I have an Antec 380w PSU. I'm going crazy trying to find a solution but no one else seems to be experiencing similar problems.

Edit: I know there is a probably a ton of info people would need to help me out but I am pretty tired and I'd figure it would be best to start with the basics here.

My MB is pretty old (SiS672) and I've heard some strange incompatibility stories, so if anyone knows anything about that. Perhaps my RAM is damage causing slow performance?
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  1. So, did the system work okay before you installed the 240? If so, what GPU were you using?

    What version of Windows are you using?
  2. I am on Windows Vista 32 bit. My system was fine before the 240. I was using an 8600gt from two years back. I know it's not a huge upgrade but the 8600 was starting to show it's age. The performance now is bad, like I can't even type this right. When the card is uninstalled it's all fine, video, FireFox, etc.
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    So what you are saying is that when the 8600GT is installed, all is well. But, when the 240 is installed it isn't? I am strongly suspecting a defective 240.
  4. Indeed. I was hoping for a quick fix for this but, blah....
  5. Sorry, but that is the likely problem at this point.
  6. Question: Does the 240 need an extra power connector? If so, could be the power supply. I'm also suspicous of the high CPU usage numbers...that shouldn't be related to the GPU...(it CAN be, just not likely in my mind)
  7. It's not the psu... It's an Antec, and the gt240 hardly uses any power...
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