Transfer games+os from HDD to SSD?

I plan to to not buy an SSD just yet, to deduct $100 off my build as i'm trying to save some money for a new monitor. Would it be simple to just transfer my games, some steam and some non-steam and Windows 7 from my HDD to my SSD in the future and how do I do it?

Incase needed
HDD - 1tb caviar black
SSD - samsung 840 120gb

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  1. You want to transfer Windows 7, steam games, non-steam games from your current HDD onto your future SSD? You can't transfer Windows 7, so you might need to reinstall windows 7 or create a restore disc, but reinstall is always the better option. For steam games, yes, you can copy the game files from steam/steamapps/common onto a external drive, and copy the files onto your SSD once you got steam installed. Then go to steam libary, install the games you want just like you're about to download them, then the game would be ready in a few seconds.
    For non-steam games, you might have to reinstall them, but you can copy their save files (most likely in documents) and paste it onto your the same directory on your SSD.
  2. Its a huge headache to move OS and programs from HDD to SSD. I bought a HDD and a month later decided I want a SSD. The best option was to reinstall everything and wipe the HDD clean. I know it seems horrible but its actually the easiest option.

    If you know your going to get a SSD in the future, then you should bite the bullet and pay for it now so its in the initial build. Migrating OS and programs is a very tedious and challenging task.
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