LAN/Ethernet Port on MSI P67A-C43 (B3) possibly broken -- fixes?

Hi guys.

Just yesterday I completed my first ever PC build.. a very nerve-racking experience! The computer is functional however.. to the best of my knowledge it has recognized my hard drive, optical drive, RAM, and GPU. I'd installed Windows 7 64, and all the drivers that came with the motherboard and GPU, but when I tried to connect to the internet via Ethernet cable (the very same one I had just unplugged from my previous, Internet-usable desktop), I got absolutely nothing. No light from the back of the port, and Windows won't acknowledge that I have something plugged in to that spot. After some internet searching, someone mentioned something about going into the BIOS/EFI and checking to see if the LAN was enabled. So I did; it was disabled, so I enabled it and restarted the computer. Still nothing. I even got on a different computer and downloaded the latest drives to a thumb drive to install on my new computer. Still no light, no connection.

Is it possible I missed something when I was plugging things into the motherboard? Could the port itself have been shorted. I'm considering purchasing an ethernet->usb adapter or LAN adapter that I can put in a PCI slot in the interium. Any idea would be appreciated.

mobo: MSI P67A-C43
os: windows 7 64 bit
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  1. Does the device in control panels show up, or does it show up with an exclamation point?
  2. You could get a PCI/PCI-E Ethernet adapter pretty close to free.
  3. I could not get an ethernet connection when I first booted. After double checking the connection I noticed that the cable had to be jammed in to get the connection light to come on. I never herd a click when inserting the cable but it is now functional.
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