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I want to assemble a new pc for gaming.
My budget is Rs.25,000 to 30,000.
And it should include everything moniter,cpu,kb and mouse,smps,ups and sound system.
Can anyone help me and suggest me a good configuration.
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  1. 30k RS is like $675 USD so i'd just slap on a cheapo gaming config (tower) and u connect the dots hehe


    23" LCD $160
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for ur reply..

    Actually i dont need a dvd writer, since i already have an external dvd writer.
    Also i dont need a graphics card worth 10K.

    So suggest me whether i should use that money to upgrade my processor to phenom II x4.

    Also a graphics card which will not get outdated for atleast a couple of years.
    Using which i can run latest games at medium resolutions. (within 5k,6k or max 7k).
    Which wud u prefer ati or nvidia??

    Coz i also need to purchase a sound system and ups which.

    I need a 4 gb ddr3 1333 ram. Thats right.
    But how is the performance of Muskin compared to OCZ, corsair, transend.

    I wudnt mind spending 2k more.
    But shud be satisfied after spending.

    Please pleaseplease help me!!!

    Thanx in advance
  3. Any help please :(
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