I buy a PC 7 months ago.My PC configuration:
Intel C2Q @ 2.5Ghz,EG41MFT-US2H(Gigabyte motherboard),2 GB DDR3 RAM,ATI HD 5670,HDD 500GB,Dell LCD -18.5''(Wide),PSU-500W
At first week I first encounter PC restart .I ignore this.But this problem keep increasing.At first i need to off my PC for 1 hour after restart,then i can use my pc.But now this trick don't work.I can't play games & watch movie in restart season.Then i found that by unplugging my PCI graphics card l can run computer without Restart.So i think the problem is my i replace it.But it still restart.Now even without the graphics card it restart(some time when i am playing game ).Unplugging graphics card only decrease restart rate.More shocking think that my USB device (Like mouse,Card reader,Game pad) get damaged.They won't wok anymore.
But they start working after some days!It looks like they are suspend for some time.
Recently i change my motherboard(I have warranty).But it still same.
I have 2 os in my HDD Win7(32 bit),Win XP(32 Bit).The restart generally occurred in win7.But if i run my PC some how without any restart for an hour,My pc start working till i turn it off more then 1 or more hour.That's mean i need to run my PC continuously with a little break(15 or 45 min).
Now please can u tell me what is causing the restart & how i can solve it.I really need help.
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    Use something like HW monitor to make sure you arent overheating. What's the make and model of that 500W PSU? It should be perfectly fine but if its over temp protection is set at like 40C then you might be getting it hot enough to trigger it if your case doesnt have good airflow to help.
  2. Now my PC freeze when i try to watch Movie(Not HD )
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