Which is a better business laptop - asus or toshiba

i am ooking for a laptop (my 1st) to start a tax practic. i will be using tax software and the internet to e-file taxes w/the IRS. i have been looking @ 15" Asus & Toshiba - very comparable models @ best buy. both are $599 w/4GB. the asus has a bit less battery life. what do you recommend?
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  1. I'd choose Asus, they make good solid products. Compare the designs though, see which is more comfortable for you to use. Can't really compare without models but see the weight of each too.

    Toshiba has always treated me badly, never liked their laptops, but that is just me.
  2. If they are the same spec and the same price go for the one you like the look of the best.

    Its funny I would always recommend a Toshiba for the build quality, even though I think they look boring.

    I like the look of the Acers and the Sonys but thats just me. :D
  3. I really like Asus laptops but for businesses I recommend Toshiba's everytime simply for their outstanding warranty handling.

    edit - also skip the BB extended warranty and get the one from direct form Toshiba.

    And dont forget an external drive for your backups. I'd hate to see you loose all your data.
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