My GPU has packed up, please help

Hi guys

Can u tell me the best card for my system please? My 8800 gts has packed up (it is making 1 long beep and 3 short beeps) and so I cant use my comp :fou:

I have an E6600 cpu, 2gb RAM, ASUS P54N SLI MoBo, 600w power.

I have read the other posts but I am more confused, please help. Cheers
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  1. What power supply is that? Are you sure the graphics card is dead? Have you tried it in another computer?
  2. I am not sure of the power supply make to be honest, I know it is 600w (it is different from the original as that packed up some time ago). The only reason I take it to be the graphics is because of the beeps the comp makes and the monitor going to standby.
  3. 1long beep and 3short beeps are usually GPU problem.
    Your card (8800GTS) need a 6pin power connector, right? make sure it's properly connected...
    Last, try your card in different PC with a decent PSU, see whether the card is working or not...
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