I7-2600k/i5-2500k: Who's got 'em?

I've seen various etailers (NewEgg not on this list just yet) carrying Gigabyte, Intel and Asus p67 motherboards but nobody seems to have the CPUs. Anyone spot any out in the wild yet? Has Intel said when they'll be available to buy?
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  1. they have been unvieled but i don't think they are shipping retail processors till the 14th
  2. http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Core_i5/Intel-Core%20i5-2500K%20CM8062300833803.html

    yep more research shows the 9th ro release so my 14th was wrong don't knwo why i thought that, but yea should be listed for sale soonish
  3. Good news! Here's hoping we don't get gouged on the pricing.
  4. Pessimism most likely. ;-)
  5. why would prices be gouged... past experience has led us to expect it >_< you really think the i7 980x should have cost ~ $1k
  6. prices are still bit pricey as we speak and good luck trying find K versions non K version go for 300+
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