Computer won't boot when 4pin CPU Power connector plugged in

My computer hasn't been booting and so I've stripped my computer down to just the power supply and motherboard (cpu & fan). Found out that when the 4pin CPU power connector is plugged in the computer won't boot (power supply attempts to start and then dies). Without it, it seems to 'work' (ie. cpu fan runs) Any ideas what the issue may be?

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  1. imo try plugging your cpu cooler fan into a molex plug and try connecting a different fan where the cpu cooler was. Also, try with just the cpu fan connected to the molex plug.

    If it works with nothing plugged in, and doesn't work with the other fan plugged in, I think you could safely say that the mobo may be messed up.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong about this.
  2. May be now you have figured out another solution for this.but let me tell my problem which occurred in last month.i changed every part other than the CPU.finally after replacing cpu, computer worked.since it running without any faults.try to repalce the CPU. :)
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