Is my motherboard dying?

I have an MSI K9N6SGM-V motherboard, and recently when I power on my system the fans and the lights on the case come on, but I don't get a visual, nor does the number lock on the keyboard light up. At first I thought that the on board GPU had died, but I can't even ping the system.

Yet if I press a key on the keyboard, then the system will power on and I get a visual. I've tried setting the optimized defaults in the BIOS but that doesn't change anything.
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  1. try turning off the system completely for 5 min thn turn on the system...or...try removing the inside connections on the motherboard and refixing all...the pblm can b due to sms power failure
  2. Have you tried clearing the CMOS memory?
  3. I'll try moving the PSU connector and the CMOS tomorrow, it's my work system, and I am at home now.

    I've left the system off over the weekend, with the power kill switch set to off, and that didn't change anything.

    One thing that I forgot to add in my original post was that it will sometimes power on all by it self. I guess there's a little gremlin inside.
  4. Powering on by itself is also normally caused by a setting in the BIOS in the power management section as is wake up on keyboard. The two could be related, which is why resetting the CMOS memory might clear the problem.
  5. I removed the CMOS and the 24-pin connector for about 30 minutes, and that didn't fix anything.

    Does anyone have any other ideas?
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