Core i5 running hot

Hi. My core i5 is running very hot (i think?)

Idle temps are 40....under full load it will go up to 80

It has a PWM fan but I never really hear it go very load (standard intel). The BIOS is all set correctly...just wondering what is going on?

The frequency never goes above 2.8Ghz under load...(using OCCT)....thought turbo would kick in and spike this up?

Help appreciated...
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  1. Try some/more heat transfer grease
  2. Already taken the heatsink off and replaced stock *crap* with arctic silver 5.

    The fan never seems to speed up. What settings should I have under SMART in the BIOS.

    I get min dutcycle PWM (min 20%, may 50%) and I get max dutycycle PWM (min 60%, max 100%). There is also tolerance (1 min, 3 max) and a start temp (which I set to 30 hoping it would keep SMART enabled)

    If not I can set to manual with dutycycle 10% min - 100% max...

    Any ideas guys? THANKS!

    Fixed the turbo issue by the way ;)
  3. According to CPUID HWMONITOR...the stock intel fan never goes above 1600rpm...
  4. I just manually set the PWM dutycycle to fan is running 2200rpm when under load. But temps still hit 80 degress and OCCT quits out saying CPU too hot.

    What is the average load temp of an i5 760?
  5. Are you use the fan speed you are changing is for the CPU and not a case fan? is the CPU fan spinning?
  6. Yes it is spinning. You can't apply SMART to case fan with my mobo, i'm setting properties under CPU.
  7. Any ideas guys?
  8. Have you tried performing a bios update?
  9. I would recommend getting a better heat sink. Its only like 30-40$ for a really good one. Im at 4.6GHz with a push/pull configuration on a thermaltake contac 30 with temps at about 69c under full load. Its only 29.99$ here @ newegg.
    Then just get another 120mm fan and the grommets for the thermaltake sink and make a push/pull. This will definitely increase cooling coupled with the AS5 that you have. Although if you really want quality, try arctic mx-2.

    Under idle load, you should see temps in the 30c area. If you are getting higher than that then something is off, I would investigate if you are using too much voltage on your clock, then testing for stability.
    Under max load, you dont want to see temps more than 70c, but 75c maxed out is ok as well.
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