X-Fire Eyefinity without DP...??

ok, I just want to know if I might be missing something... but the use of all DVI outputs with my 5870s in X-Fire will not work with Eyefinity correct?

I know the only way to use triple monitors with Nvidia is through the use of SLI, so does/will ATI offer this option? I tried it a bit ago but it didn't work (10.3). I'm getting tired of DP errors and a not so crisp image with the middle VGA monitor.
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  1. Hey there,

    AFAIK, Eyefinity works with three displays connected to a SINGLE card.

    Unlike NVIDIA, where you can connect three displays on any of the four display connections-hence an SLI requirement.

    Also, one of the displays must be connected via DP/DP adapter (active).

    You can eliminate the DP problems with a DP>VGA adapter, however, this is an analog signal with a max supported res of 1920x1080.

    I understand your problems with DP adapters. TBH, I think they are shite.

    I have had ENDLESS problems with these.

    I have tried:

    1. 2 Accell B087B-002B and Accell B087B-002J FW 0.43 and 2.0. Total cost: $500 (including shipping os),
    2. BIOS flash,
    3. USB wall adapter (5V, 1000mA).

    Any driver after Cat 10.3 seems to make the problem worse.

    Good luck.
  2. you need all three monitors connected to a single card, which means you have to use the display port

    it sucks, i know
  3. You need at least one monitor or an active adapter with display port. The only exception is the 5770 Flex from Sapphire which seems to trick the drivers into thinking it's using an active adapter for the single link bottom DVI port
  4. Display Port is open source so ATi don't have to pay anyone for it, isn't that what makes them so wonderful?
  5. I have been using an Accell DP to DVI (active) adapter to connect with eyefinity and had ZERO luck getting it to work. Accell is blaming the monitors (all are DVI enabled) and ATI blames the adapter. I am stuck between a rock an a hard place really. No support from Accell means I will probably end up buying an expensive DP monitor.
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