Is it possible to add more sata ports?

hey guys.

i own an asus m2n68-am se2 motherboard which only has 2 sata ports.
other than buying a new motherboard, are there other options to add more sata ports onto my motherboard?

the mobo has two sata's and have mounted sata hdd, sata and front panel esata.
i haven't utilized the esata on the front panel cuz there are no more free ports on the mobo.
in case i wanted to add another sata hdd, will be impossible.

are there any adapters or splitters for this?
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  1. Just use an add-on card. I noticed your board doesn't have many expansion slots, but if your not using the PCIe x1 slot then you can use one of these:

    If your PCIe x1 (and x16) are being used but your PCI slot is free then you can use on of these:
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    a PCI-SATA drive would perform no better than PATA because PCIs current maximum bandwidth is 133MB/s which is equal to the top PATA speed but with worse latencies and additional overhead.

    I do see it is your only choice to get more SATA ports besides replacing your rig but do consider the speed impact PCI will have over even SATA 150.

    If possible I suggest a USB 3.0/2.x to SATA adapter so it would be useful for a longer time to come than a PCI card. They can be cheap enough and even USB 2.0 would be faster than a hard drive, SATA or PATA, connected through PCI.
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