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Okay I finally got the mother board install it, put in a an additional internal hard drive a new power supply turned it on and the thats the only thing it did was come on. No monitor, keyboard or mouse detection. any ideas?

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  1. As stated the vidoes are excellent. I had figured the problem out, and computers up and running fine. The only thing now is because I did not purchase the mother board from HP because they did not have, nor did the their repair tech and had no idea of when they would get it I contacted the manufacturer and purchased the motherboard from one of their suppliers the recovery disks I just purchased to reinstall windows did not work. So installed a second internal hard drive used that one to run windows and the oringinal HD that came with the computer, I am able to get certain programs that want that came with the computer to run on the new drive so I am good. Since the computer is no longer under a warranty using their recovery disk to install Win 7 was not a big deal, I just could have saved the $32 for something else as I purchased 2 sets. So thanks you again. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
  2. Glad it all worked out!
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