cannot add maps to server admin

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The admin page loads, I go to Defaults, select Onslaught, hit update.
I choose all the ONslaught maps on the left pane and click the >> to
move them to the right pane and click Save (I've also tried Use and
then Save) but all maps go back over to the left pane and appears that
nothing happens.

Immediately under Game Maplist Management, I have no options in the
left drop down list and nothing is in the right text box. I use to
have something there and was working but apparently I made a change to
the INI and didn't hold my mouth just right when I saved and it hasn't
worked since.

I generated another INI on the page but that didn't
help either. Looked at unrealtower and but found
nothing on the subject. I might not have used the right keywords.
Don't know.

Please assist.
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    It is working now. I move my original file back in to place and
    started the server and switched to game Onslaught but it still didn't
    see the maps in the maps list. then for the hell of it, I hit the
    Switch Map button when it was displaying "***none***" to restart the
    server and it magically started seeing them.

    Why didn't it see them when the server first started? Anyone have an
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