Two Routers in Series

I've got a dsl modem / wired / wireless router all in one (DLink DVA-G38, owned by ISP) and a wired / wireless router (DLink DIR-655, mine). The DVA is only 802.11g compatible, whereas the DIR is 802.11n. I have connected an ethernet cable from the LAN Port 1 of the DVA to the INTERNET port of the DIR. I accessed the DVA and disabled the wireless capabilities (no other changes to default settings). I have utilized LAN Port 4 of the DVA for my desktop. RESULT: wireless is connecting, but very very slow. Desktop is connecting but also slow.

Ultimately, I would like to reduce the DVA to JUST a dsl modem and utilize my DIR as the wired / wireless router. I am sure I'm missing a step or made an incorrect connection. Any advice?

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  1. I have a cable, but with a dir-55 setup as the master router handling dhcp and wireless-N, while a di-524 has dhcp switched off, has a non-existant i.p setup for the wan and handles wireless-G, they are connected via the normal lan ports, not the wan.
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