What do you look for in a PSU review?

Since Tom's recently started doing PSU reviews, and their's are a bit different from most that i have seen. I was wondering what the top 5 things people here look for in a review, maybe it will help Tom's give us some more informative and useful PSU reviews in the future, as i feel that their methodology is a bit lacking in useful details for many of us.

Personally, I like to know the voltage regulation, the ripple results, the internals, and the efficiency, and i want to make sure they stressed it out in high temps that simulate a real computer case to make sure it can really do what it claims in real world conditions, not the nice cool world of an air conditioned PSU test facility.
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  1. ripple, voltage regulation, internal components, efficiency, oem
  2. Ripple, Checking, High temp, and Efficiency were easy. My last choice was a decision between voltage regulation or OEM. I picked OEM because 1) I'm good and math and can find the regulation if I want. 2) Regulation doesn't really matter much to me as much as falling out of spec. It the 12V rail starts at 12.15 and sags all the way down to 11.6, does that matter? It's still in spec, and while not good should still be good enough. Knowing however that X PSU is made by Y company isn't as easy for most of us (myself included) so we should be told.
  3. 2 people voted for hold up time and one person voted for PF, those are the only 3 that are low, if you were one of those three, could you explain why you look for hold up time or PF, im just curious what your reasoning is.
  4. all of the above
  5. shovenose said:
    ripple, voltage regulation, internal components, efficiency, oem

    Me too.
  6. Almost. 4 out of 5 are not bad. I substituted thermal testing for ripple.

    I just do not regard ripple as too critical in a PSU. I would rather see how a PSU performs at typical internal temperatue levels.
  7. I guess for an average Joe all these terms would go pretty much way above the head, so for them OEM would matter the most.

    For me ripple, voltage regulations, OEM, internal components and sometimes how cool the PSU looks also matters.

    Those XFX one's are really awesome looking! :D
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