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ATI Radeon HD 4250 Graphics

Is the 4250 capable of playing company of heroes?
Or what low end laptop do you recommend for playing this game?
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    Yes, it can, but with lowest setting and low resolution as well...
    You need more power on gpu to play any games recently with decent setting.

    Do you really need a laptop? Gaming laptops are pretty expensive.
    You'll much better with a PC, build it by yourself, it's cheaper and fun...
  2. Yes, Laptops are expensive and horrible to upgrade, PC's are cheap and FUN FUN FUN to upgrade.

    Also, can you give us more information on your system specifications please, thanks :)
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum
    HD 4250M is a low-end card so it can handle COH on low settings on a low resolution, i would recommend at least a 5650M for playing games on reasonable settings with a good FPS.
  4. Im not really looking for a gaming laptop..just a laptop that can play that particulr game or similar games of that grphic quality.
    I figured since i purchased the game a few years ago laptop graphic cards would be better than in the past. Maybe Im wrong.

    basically like I said before I just wnat a lowend (under$500) laptop for day to day use and play COH once in a while.

    Thanks for all the support so far.


    PS-- my desktop has a ATI Radeon Xpress 200 series graphics..can that be upgraded with a simple plug and play?
    Ive played the game on the PC on low settings it still stutters a bit. But if there are some decent cheap graphics cards out there Id love to hear some recomendations also.
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