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So the other day I bought a HDD off a friend for $4. Which is a Steal for a 320gig HDD.
It was an external one and didn't work via USB so I got it out of the enclosure and connected it through SATA and it worked flawlessly

Then I decided to Clone my old HDD on it and downloaded PC disk clone and started cloning.

During the cloning process the HDD did make some noises every 5-10 mins or so but the clone operation completed successfully.
I restarted my PC and now neither the BIOS or Windows will detect the drive.

I've tried device manger and the disk part utility through cmd but its still not detected.

So has it died? and is there any way to fix it?

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  1. sounds like your "friend" just made $4.00 off of you.
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    If bios does not detect it, it's dead. Make sure your connections are good and try it in other ports.
  3. aah ok guys thanks for the help. Atleast it worked for a while and for 4 bucks I can still have the magnets and the motors hehe
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