Am i doing anything stupid or should i install 4in1 drivers:)...

hello all,

i am one of these people who know all about pcs every 2-3 years..., ie when i upgrade. this meens that im rather neive about new drivers and well things i need to install..however, between upgrades i keep an eye on bits and pieces that come along, keeping things in perspective. i went from a Athlon x2 6000 to a Phanton ii 955., specs follow..., im comparing my new rig to my friends...

MB: 870a-g54
CPU: Phanton ii 955
Ram 2x2gb ddr3
Gfx:5850 1gig

Gfx:5850 1gig
all stock btw...... my friend is getting better numbers in benches, 3dmark11, civ5, stalker etc.., i know the dual core advantage in dual threaded application thing and, bless you, but i have the latest gfx drivres and bios etc..., however, the question i want to ask 'is there anything i need to install: chipset, system drivers' that im missing, to be honest i dont know what i need to install.........., any help will be rewarded in ...ummm... paradice...?....
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  1. Well you need to install all the relavant drivers from the MSI site if you haven't already done so inc the system drivers.
  2. run windows update and look at the 'Other software' part of it. Install all the drivers you see there.
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