Which temp do I follow?

So I have been wondering as too which CPU temp to go by when trying to check my system. Is it cpu core temp or cpu temp. Currently I'm using HWmonitor and it says my mobo TMPIN1 temp idles at 47c and maxes at 52c which if I'm not mistaken is my CPU temp while my cpu core temps are idling at 35c and max at 44c

I've also checked them using Coretemp and it says my cpu idles at 35c as well.

Which should I follow, my cpu core temps or Cpu temps?

I have an ASUS M4A785-M mobo and a stock Phenom II x4 920.
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  1. Believe the one that is the same as BIOS.
  2. I've searched the BIOS up and down and I can't find anything in any menu that tells me the temps.
  3. Doesn't HWmon list your cpu temps as CPU?

    Try running Prime95 with all your monitoring progs open.

    The temps that fly up under load are def your cpu temps.
  4. the temps it lists under my phenom II are the cpu core temps.
  5. Go into the power tab and HW monitor configuration (Page 2-17 in your manual) You have three options temp in °C °F or ignored.
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