Gtx 460 1 gb on cooler master extreme power 500w

Just simple question I got this power supply
and I want this GPU

will those work out
my processor i core i3 530 ( will be upgrading to core i7 860)
Board intel dh55hc.
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    I believe the 460 requires 24 amps on the +12v rail, and that psu has two 18 amp rails, so it looks good... But maybe someone else should double-check to make sure I'm not an idiot...
  2. Thanks for the reply .... lets see if anyone else confirms too coz i am not in the hurry.
  3. Its good enough. don't let anyone confuse you. You will not reach top hitting watts every day, so get that psu.
  4. I have that PSU already ... the question is will it be enough for the
  5. you will be fine with the GTX460 and your PSU
  6. Run the numbers for yourself ;)

    Few systems using a single card really need much more than 500Watts, even with a hefty overclock.
  7. Alright thanks everyone.
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