System fans and power fan

hi guys

i have 2 system fans on below the PSU , second ahead to Harddrive's next to the fron panel
they are connected to the PSU directly like HD, DVD....

but i have an 2 sockets for them on the mobo (also i saw on the current modles the system fans have cable to connect to MOBO)

could it be that they arent sys_fan's?

and what about "the power fan" what is it?
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  1. Generally the system fan is the main fan blowin in from the front of the case. If you have more than one header on the motherboard then this allows you to connect another case fan, such as a top-rear (blowing out), a side fan (blowing in), or a top fan (blowing out)

    The power fan is the fan inside the power supply. Not all power supplys give you a connector for the motherboard header to use.
  2. yes i do have the two system fans but they dont have the "sys_fan" connect

    they are connected strictly to the power suplly........ (i guess its because they are old, the case old too)

    the same for the power fan there is fan inside the PSU which is dont have pwer_fan connector 2
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