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XFX 5870 znfv vs znfc???

I am totally confused about these two cards... They appear to be the EXACT same card except one comes with a free game + free shipping at a lower price. Seems great right? But no! The other card has more rating, which must mean more people have bought it?

Can someone please clear this up for me? I've searched around but it seems as if the general consensus is that they are the same card and I should jump the deal before its too late. I'm having a hard time believing that though!

Here are links to the two cards:

I was planning on buying one of these since they are cheap. Could you guys give me a recommendation? It does not have to be one of these two, but I'm pretty set on getting a 5870.
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  1. No real difference, One has a game and free shipping and one doesn't.

    According to what I've read the Only difference i see is that ZNFV has 2 x 6-pin to 4-pin power cables. While the ZNFC has 1 6-pin to 4-pin power cable. in accessory's

    Also one(I'm assuming the one without AVP) is a V2 5870 although SFAIK theres no difference..

    Go AVP + Free shipping.
  2. The more expensive one has double lifetime warranty. Meaning, if you sold the card down the line, the person you sell it to also gets warranty coverage. But I thought all XFX cards come with double lifetime. Guess not.
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    I think he's more concerned about what HE gets, screw the other people ^_^
  4. It does concerns what he gets though. He has to think if the AVP game -$10 on price and another -$3 on shipping is worth more than the amount of money he can get when he sells the card compared to other people due to the lifetime warranty still being in effect. Although probably not worth it. 3-4 down the line when newer and better stuff is out, I doubt you'd be able make more money than other people due to the warranty. Maybe 1 or 2 more dollars. :kaola:

    So ya. If the difference is only in accessories which you don't need, then get the cheaper one that comes with the game and is a total of 13 dollars less. :)
  5. Oh yes, I'd recommend the one with the AvP game also. Warranties do not translate well on eBay anyway (once you do plan to sell the card).
  6. Which, Keeping in mind is a 5870 and won't NEED to be replaced for another 2 generations(2 years, Guesstimate)
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  8. Haha, thanks.
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