Installing a CPU for the first time and THE FEAR.

I'm fixing to take my I7-920 out of my existing machine, to replace it with a I7-970.
It's a Cooler Master HAL case with a Cooler master X8 fan.

I've followed enough guides online and found it looks relatively easy, however,
most of those guides show a mobo that's not in a case.

I believe its possible with the HAL case to open the back of the mobo to release the fan,
but worry, as its such a clunky and enormous piece of equipment.

Anyway, to cut a long story short. Would you attempt a CPU installation, alone, having never
installed one before?

I'm not a total hardware nub, I've been cautious and successful in installing to GPU's, RAM and other
components in the past. But at the same time, this a $900 chip and a lot of money to waste if I get it wrong.

I've also already flashed the BIOS, but wonder will the 970 automatically tell the Bios its default voltages?

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  1. 1) If you feel confident and reviewed enough guides, I say go for it! The hardest part is the heat sink installation... IMO. Just remember to line up the "arrows" on the CPU & motherboard and it'll fit nice an easy. Just pay attention how you remove your old CPU & how it sits in the motherboard and you should be good to go.

    2) The BIOS will detect the correct voltage for the CPU, if set to default (auto). If you have a current overclocked i7 920, I would set everything back to default before you install the CPU. After the system boots up stable, I would re-adjust your BIOS & setup a new overclock.
  2. Doesn't sound too scary. It's the heat sink that's killing me the most.
    Am I right to assume that I can do all this safely while it all sits in the case?

    I don't mess with overclocking, though I hear with this chip and my old fan, I probably could manage a .3ghz increase.
  3. Do you have the HAF X, 932 or 922 case?

    Just check the back to see if there is enough of an opening for you to work with the V8. It is a huge HSF, so removing the motherboard might be a better option... leave it up to you :)
  4. Well, it was all super straight forward, took no more than 10 minutes to be back up and running.

    Not seeing a huge improvement over the I7-920, but its certainly a little faster.

    Temps on Load 38c, some room for overclocking?
  5. Glad to hear went quick and easy!!

    Your temps are fine for overclocking. Just monitor with HWMonitor & Prime95 once you start the overclocking process.
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