How to detect new HDD?

Hello, i had windows xp 32 bit and i installed win 7 64 bit, but how can i detect 500GB HDD? I got 2 HDD's one from 2005 its 80GB and it works perfect and one of 500GB(its Seagate 7200rpm) So on new windows 7 it doesn't show it and i can't enter files on it. I got lots of games there and important stuff. My windows 7 is installed on 80GB HDD and like i said i can't see one of 500GB. So the question is how can i see 500GB HDD and get access to all that files without deleting them? Thanks
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  1. Check if you have any exclamation marks in Device Manager (right click Computer, Properties, Device Manager)

    Also what motherboard do you have?
  2. Can you see the hard drive when you go into bios?
  3. Soda-88 my motherboard is H61 M P20 G3 its MSI.
    zdbc13 i can see it bios.
    any more information?
  4. Go to Computer Management and choose Disk Management. Can you see all your drives there? What do they say?
  5. zdbc13 in Disk Management i see:
    C: Healthy(Boot,Page File,Crash Dump,Primary Partition) 76GB thats the one win 7 is in
    E: Healthy(Active,primary partition) flash drive of 16GB
    HDD(name of that drive) Healthy(System,Active,primary partition 465GB
    all are shown there. Whats the next step?
    Soda-88 If install those will it be fixed?
  6. I second the idea of updating your drivers. Does the HDD have an option to "Explore". If so click on that.
  7. I can only do "explore" only on HDD where the Win 7 is installed. So do i get drivers what soda said and im done? just install?
  8. Install and see if that helps. If not get back to us.
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