Take a look at this:

Drop the gun shaped case and cut the price in half and I would consider buying one. I'm sure its sweet but 1200 is a bit much! 799.99 max!

And only a 2 year warranty? You better give me a lifetime warranty replacement like I have with my current XFX card. Simply amazing...
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  1. i'd rather get the asus ares
  2. It seems to be a 5870x2 just like the asus ares is, the clock speeds match, but you can run eyefinity off of the XFX version. I agree that its a bit disappointing to see an XFX card without a lifetime warranty, i guess they know these things will cook themselves to death.
  3. What's that gun for?
  4. i too would rather have the asus ares, which came out like 2 days after i got my 5970 :-(
  5. Its a powerful card, but i don't think its worth it,because although 5970 is slower, its cheaper and the performance difference isn't anything huge.
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