Sandy Boards with Dolby Digital Live

I'm trying to find a Sandy Bridge motherboard that has Dolby Digital Live. The only ones I can see mentioning Dolby Home Theater (which has DDL) are Gigabyte boards.

Do any other manufacturers support DDL or is it just Gigabyte. I did see DDL mentioned on a Biostar board reviewed on here but see no mention of it in the specs on their website.

Thanksing you
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  1. Actually I was wrong about the Biostar, it was actually the Gigabyte. Looks like I will need to get a Gigabyte board or a separate soundcard if I want DDL.
  2. Xonar DS is probably the cheapest to get DTS connect (if you must have DDL, then read on) DTS connect does the same thing, it puts 5.1 into a SPDIF output for a receiver to decode. If you are using a receiver that has DD, it probably also does DTS, but maybe not hence the need for DDL.

    My personal suggestion is to get a xonar DX, its actually pretty fantastic, I've had one for 2 years almost and it beats the tar out of anything I've used before or since. I have also been reading about Creative Recon3d, that looks like its a good card as well, but without the great xonar sound quality.
  3. To your original question - motherboards and their makers must license DDL for each model, so it's not always available on a manufacturer's entire line of boards, if at all. They seem to not include this very often these days.
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