Third HD wont Reset and Clear in IRS.

Ok, so here is what I have been dealing with for the past three days or so. I built my new system this week and I am using 4 HDD. im using one SSD for the OS and a few programs. Im also using two WD 1tb caviar black drives that I would like to set up in conjunction with my 1 tb WD green drive. Here is the problem. Drive manager sees WD1 and WD Green as well as the SSD but does not see the 2nd WD black drive. However, The intel Rapid store Utility sees all of the drives but will not reset my 2nd WD black drive. Does anyone know how to get the second WD black to show up and become usable?

I7 3820k
Asus Rampage Extreme IV
32 Gbs Corsair Dominator
XFire 6950's
The the HD's of course.

*Let me know if anyone wants screen shots or pics or whatever.
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  1. I would first test that drive with the WD diagnostic software (if it can see it of course).
    You need WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows here:
  2. the data life gaurd or the diagnostic?
  3. True image* or diagnostic
  4. The WD2 black drive doesnt show up in the Diag.
  5. Alright here is an update: I re-booted into BIOS and set up the SATA's for RAID configuration. Here it saw all the HDD but system would not post. Booted into repair and repair would not do anything. So now if i want to boot up with RAID control setup I hit Blue screen.

    Heres what im looking at now
  7. You are getting the blue screen because you changed which driver is being used when you switched to RAID mode. The same thing happens when you install an SSD on a machine that had an exisiting drive in legacy mode (IDE) or non RAID mode. There are guids for enabling AHCI or RAID after install available on google, but here is one entry i found that may work.

    Yes there is. Boot in IDE mode, and copy the following into notepad, and save as a .reg file. Then double click on it, and okay it to install.


    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    Reboot (important!), and set AHCI mode (important! must be done before trying to install the performance driver).

    Then download and install (or download beforehand) the Intel AHCI performance driver:
    (its also for RAID etc).

    Its on

    Don't download the 11.x series yet, they're alpha (pre-beta) and unstable. The 11.0.x is somewhat stable (seemingly) but are several months older than the 10.8's, which seem to work better anyway (they're the proper Intel released ones).

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