Hey guys I have a P6T SE and have had it for a while and just bought an EVGA x58 SLI-3. I do not plan to run SLI, but I did want to buy a new video card and run my GTX 460 as a dedicated PhysX card. Is the x58 a decent upgrade or should I return it and buy something more useful? I already have 10 gigs of HyperX DDR3 1600, i7 975. Was OC to 4.0 but it became a bit unstable. And can I even use 460 as PhysX? Haven't ever done it. Thanks
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    The EVGA x58 SLI-3 is an excellent motherboard! Performance-wise you do not need to upgrade this board, but if you want more 'bells and whistles' then you can go to a EVGA Classified motherboard.

    Use the X-58 SLI for a few weeks, and then decide.

    I have the EVGA Classified and I am running my i7-920 at 3.82 GHz OC. Very stable and excellent temps using a CM V8 heatsink.
  2. Ah thank you. But is it worth it converting over from the ASUS P6T SE since I already own it.. or should I just go another step up like your Classified
  3. Go for the Classified.
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