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Hey Everybody,

I am building a new rig with the upcoming Sandy Bridge technology. I have started to buy parts for the computer because I plan to buy SB soon after it's released and build it after that. I have came down to a few cases I like, but I'm not sure which one I should get, so maybe you guys can help. I gave brief description for each stating my opinions.

1. Cooler Master CM690 II
I like the overall look of this case and the price is very reasonable. However, I am slightly concerned about the width (about 8-8.5 inches) and it could possibly be a tight (but doable) squeeze for a bigger cooler, such as the Hyper 212+ or similar.

2. Cooler Master Storm Sniper
I came across this case recently and again, I find the overall design appealing and like that it is also a little wider (about 10 in), so I shouldn't have any worry when it comes to a cooler. The price is the middle of the two, but is starting to get a little high. (Since I'm going with SB and the 2600k, my budget has been getting larger over time, and I shouldn't stretch it much more)

3. Corsair Graphite 600T
IMO, this case looks very sleek. Would I say I like the look of it the best? Yes. The main issue is the price. I know about $150 isn't all that bad for a case, but as I said my budget is stretched (not saying I can't shell out the money) and this is the most expensive of the 3. It is nice and wide like the Sniper. I'm not sure how airflow fairs on this one, but I would assume it's pretty decent.

I appreciate any input you give. If you have one of these cases and wish to share pics, etc. that would also be nice.

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  1. All three are great cases... are you considering LC or air cooling???
  2. Yeah, all nice, I'm with you on the looks of the Corsair but would probably take the Scout.

    This is a nice case cose to your budget with the sleek looks to match, you might find it cheaper elsewhere.
  3. The Sniper will be my pick from your given choices.. As an alternative, check out the Lancool PC K-62..
  4. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will most likely go with the Storm Sniper, but I'll get the CPU/MB first (which comes out in a few days).
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