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Hello everyone
i have a gx620 desktop (large model, not sff, not mini tower) and was looking for a replacement cpu. however, the computer does not support core 2 duo. i also heard that the optiplex 755 motherboard will fit in a gx620 case. is this true? if it is, will the motherboard use the same cooling? and will it support core 2 quad, or just duo? also, does it support the same pci-e riser?
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  1. The Optiplex GX 620 and the Optiplex 755 use the same BTX case. And they are designed for Duo not quad.

    You can get detailed information at 'support.dell.com' by entering the Service tag number, or model number.

    I have the GX 620 as well as the 745 and I personally polished the base of the heatsink and re-installed the CPU. The heatsinks are different.

    PCIe slots are similar. 4 RAM slots, 667 MHz.
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