Fx 1700 + fx 3500 on same rig

Hello there,

can you pl help me with the problem i entangled up with.
we have a hp work station with a default fx 1700 card.
now the user is using a high end graphics based application and is reporting the card doesnot have sufficient of the horsepower.
he insists on fx 3500, which he is having with his other machine,
i know both are of different architectures., is there any chance i can setup both on his comp.
is sli possible??
anyone tested this type of config??
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    No its not possible to do it because the cards are different.
  2. thanks.,
    can i add a 3800 fx with current fx 1700 for performance boost??
  3. Nope! Again, because they're two different cards.
  4. can any one suggest a best card for high end usage which can take up ten of million triangles and shade them on the basis of attribute variation. my program does have opengl addressing to hardware.
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    This card is a good start and is DX11 with openGL 4.0.

    Single slot and has 3 display connectors.

    This card is on par with the Quadro FX 5800 spec wise and uses much less power. Better really since it has GDDR5 with is double the bandwidth of GDDR3 and there is 2GB worth of vram so this card will pay for it's self. 256 shaders are better than 240 and is based on the G104 gpu.
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