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Nvidia 3d setup


I want to know what Monitors I need for 3D Vision, i have a 470gtx and a Core i7 CPU
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  1. robjamar said:

    I want to know what Monitors I need for 3D Vision, i have a 470gtx and a Core i7 CPU

    Hey there,

    Its recommended by nvidia themselves that you get a Monitor that refreshes at 120hz, you have a great GPU and CPU, and 3D vision will not be a problem running 3D.

    Yet, you must get 3D vision glasses as well, here is a great buy, with a 120hz refresh monitor and 3D vision glasses,(the screen benefits full HD as well for crystal clear viewing:

    hope this meets your budget because its a great buy and value for money, personally speaking, no problems and great gaming!!!

    just my thought

  2. that's a nice deal! Cool monitor Dane. Heck, I'M considering getting it for myself! :P

    To the OP:
    As Dane said, you'll need a monitor with a refresh rate of 120 MHz. Plus, you'll need the nVidia 3D setup (though you can run 3D with the normal 3D glasses as won't be the same experience!).

    Here's a monitor for $369:

    And here's the nVidia kit for $179:

    Total: $550.

    Conclusion: go for the one suggested by Dane above! :D
  3. hey there namelessonez, it is a great deal!!

    if all goes well... enjoy your 3D gaming!!!
  4. Thanks for the great answers.
  5. I just got the Dell ALienware AW2310 for $300. She's a beaut!

    Acer GD245HQ 120Hz LCD 1920x1080 Y
    Acer GD235HZ 120Hz LCD 1920x1080 Y
    Alienware™ OptX™ AW2310 120Hz 1920x1080 Y
    ASUS VG236H 120 Hz 1920x1080 Y
    LG W2363D 120 Hz 1920x1080 Y
    LG W2363DB 120 Hz 1920x1080 Y
    Samsung® SyncMaster 2233RZ 120 Hz 1680x1050 N
    ViewSonic® FuHzion™ VX2265wm 120 Hz 1680x1050 N
    ViewSonic FuHzion VX2268wm 120 Hz LCD display N

    My personal preference are the Acer GD245HQ 120Hz LCD.
  7. +1111111
    but Acer GD235HZ 120Hz LCD 1920x1080 Y
    is very good and kinda cheaper !
  8. Wow I didnt know they were this expensive! I got to start saving because I also need cheap "liquid cooling", currently looking at Corsair H50.
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    remember, cheap is not always good, because quality always pays off! but Corsair is a great company what it comes to cooling systems, PSU, etc...

    if you need anymore info about cooling systems, Tom's has a seperate forum under overclocking that deal with cooling!! Go check it out!!

    the screens on the other hand are a bit pricey, but when you play your first game on it, and realize the refresh rate, and 3D vision, you'll soon understand why its a bit more expensive than a normal 60 Hz refreshed screen!!

    hope this helps and motivates you!!

    just my thought

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