Need an AM3 AMD processor

SO i am trying to decide on the best amd processor for the money for my gaming computer. Im looking to spend a min amount of money and and overclock a bit. the very most i would spend is the 140 on the 955 BE but wanna wait to see if prices drop from the release of SB so any other sugestions of processors??
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  1. X3 450 and maybe the 4th core will unlock, It is not going to compete with the 955BE because of the lack of L3 Cache.
  2. what about the 100 dollar X4 propus 620
  3. It is going to be slower at gaming because of lower core clock but it is a good CPU.
  4. what about a phenom II x4 820? and over clock it... It has an L3 cache
  5. If you want quad get quad, your easily gonna get 4ghz+ out of it and with gift card same price as 955.

    Otherwise the 820 OEM is cheaper but you won't get the OC of the 965 and it has a locked multiplier.

    For clock speeds and ease of overclocking the 965 is the one to get if you can afford it.
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