Will the core i7 2600k work with.....

I'm totally new to this. I would like to get a core i7 2600k, but I have no idea whether or not my motherboard is compatible, or even what all the numbers mean when I look at what motherboard I have. Its an Asus M4N68T-M V2 Socket AM3/ Geforce 7025/ DDR3-1800(O.C.)/ A&V&GbE/ MATX Motherboard (whatever the hell all that means) I realize it's a cheap motherboard and probably shitty, so don't twist the shame knife deeper please. :) I just really want to upgrade to a core i7 2600k, and if it won't work with my motherboard, could any of you tell me what the best processor from here http://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html would be that would be compatible with my motherboard. Thank you in advance.
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  1. The i7-2600k is not compatible with your motherboard.

    Of the CPU's on the list you provided, I would go with the AMD Phenom II X6 1100T.

  2. Thank you! As a newbie here, for future reference, how do I tell what processors will go with my motherboard and what graphics cards will go with what processors, etc.? Or is that too much a loaded and complex question to really sum up? It's just that I have no idea what to look for, and if I go with that AMD Phenom II X6, I wonder will a Geforce GTX 480 graphics card work with that? Sorry for all the questions, it's just, I have no idea what to look for to assess compatibility. Thanks for your help.
  3. Actually, I wouldn't go with the 1100T. You probably won't run into anything that ultilizes all six cores. I would go with the AMD Phenom II x4 955 for $120 [sometimes have 10$ promo]. It's a black edition so you can easily overclock with its unlocked multiplier.

    Graphic cards work with anything. Is the GTX 480 what yuo have now? If you haven't purchase it yet.. then good because AMD is releasing 7xxx series this year. Bulldozer is coming out too.

  4. No, wintermint. I haven't yet purchased the GTX 480. I was considering it because it's very high up on the cpu benchmarks for graphics cards and it's pretty cheap compared to the others in it's performance range. But, I'm intrigued, what's this Bulldozer you speak of? lol It sounds like a beast, in name at least.
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